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Best Show on TV

June 9, 2011

I need help! I have run out of shows to watch! So kind readers i am asking for your favorite shows so i can get obsessed with a new show:):):)

Here are my top 5 favorite shows:

1.Dexter!!!!!! I LOVE this show!! If you have ever seen an episode you can understand why it has won countless awards (including an Emmy for best Drama!)


2. Biggest Loser:) What can i say, im a sucker for anything to do with the gym! And this past season was one of my favs cause *gasp* the contestants were actually nice to each other lol and not as much of the catty drama. Plus i love Jillian:)


3. Sons of Anarchy. I watched all three seasons in less then 2 weeks! It sucks you in!


4. Glee:):):) I have two sisters and we were raised on Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals:) My sister is an amazing actress, was a theater major in college, and works at a theater now. I was in competition choir in high school and any other choir geeks know Moses Hogan? <- We totally rocked his (freakin incredible) compostions!


5. Breaking Bad. This show is about a chemistry teacher that gets lung cancer and starts to cook meth. Pretty crazy plot and i am always really nervous and stressed (in a good way haha) while i watch the episode cause it really keeps you on the edge of your seat! Yay for it starting back up in July:)


And my 2 favorite shows that are no longer on tv are:

1. Scarecrow and Mrs. King. This is an awesome spy show from the early 80s and my sisters and i watched the reruns growing up:) This is seriously an awesome show! I just watched all the seasons again a little while ago but i think it may be time to watch them all over again:)


2. Alias. This is pretty much tied with Scarecrow as my most favorite show of all time:) I adore Jennifer Gardner!! Between my sister and i we have all of the seasons on DVD:):) Plus Bradley Cooper played her best friend!


So if anyone has any ideas for new shows you’d think I’d love, comment and let me know:) Or just tell me your favorite shows!


Tuesday Randomness

June 7, 2011

What is this?!?!? Two blog posts in two days!! Who am i becoming;);) hehe well unfortunately there are a bunch of wildfires around St. Augustine in St. John’s county and Flagler County so the air quality is (way) less then steller and there is no rain in the forecast for the next week so things aren’t going to improve very much any time soon:( Anyway i had a throat tickle and a nose trickle before the latest batch of fires, and the smoke is doing nothing to help! I saw this article this morning about natural allergy helpers and i’m thanking myself for getting Chinese food  last night since there was brocolli in it!

Yesterday i was talking about counting calories. If you have ever had an eating disorder or if you know that calorie counting isn’t for you, don’t do it! I love lists (i make lists of my lists hehe) and i find it interesting to track my food and make sure that i get a good balance of all the right stuff! Also, i track calories to make sure that i am eating enough.  In the summer especially, it is easy for me to not get enough calories since fruits and veggies are pretty much all i want to eat when its hot out! Well yesterday i did pretty darn good:) Heres my livestrong tracker page:

So i still want my calories to be a little higher and that will bring all the other levels up to where they should be too but I’ll be keeping track for at least a week and over the course of the week normally things will even out.

And just cause hes the cutes thing ever, I’ll leave you with some puppy pictures:):)

He LOVES riding in the back!! Dont, worry there is absolutely no way he can jump or fall out since the chain is connected to his harness and its just long enough for him to do this:

🙂 He is one happy puppy after playing at the beach!

Oh yeah, its totally not weird that he climbs trees

All dogs do that, right;)

And one last picture! He so worn out from playing at the dog park and then going on a bike ride pull around the park!

Oh and pit bull haters, read this! Apparently Helen Keller had a pit bull:)

Welcome to June

June 6, 2011

Yea yea yea im 6 days late with that lol but better late then never, right:)

This month is going to be crazy!! My boss is going away for a few weeks and i will be working full time while he’s gone. Since i’ll be here from 5 am-noon you can expect to see a lot of posts since there isnt much else to do. I really am so blessed to have such a lienient job where i can just hangout on my computer or do artwork! I got a ton of my Design homework done here in the wee hours of the morning! Of course i cant start an oil painting or a sculpture but i can do pretty much anything else:)

Speaking of being blessed, I got a raise!!! Apparently im pretty awesome;);) It was totally unexpected but it was great since it couldn’t have come at a better time:) I was also pretty thrilled that im going to start babysitting the girls i use to watch, for a few days a week! And then at the end of the month, after busting my booty with work, I get to go home!!!!!!!!! (also the reason i want to work a bunch!) My cousin is getting married on July 1st so i want to be home for that but i haven’t seen my family since Christmas and i have definitely missed them!!!!

A few days ago i was on a friends facebook and i saw a picture of a girl i haven’t seen in forever and it turns out she was in a figure competition! She looks AMAZING and it really hit me out out of shape i have gotten (I’m not talking about a weight loss diet, i want a muscle gain plan!). When you look at magazines i never take anything seriously since i know how easy it is to use photoshop! But when its a grainy facebook phone picture and the person still looks incredible ya know its real! Anyway, i know that i am still in decent shape and in a few weeks if i am disciplined i can get back a lot of the muscle tone that i lost. Yay for muscle memory! When i was in my best shape i ate very very little added sugar and so i am doing the no-sugar detox along with Laury and a bunch of others at The Fitness Dish. Its always nice to have a little encouragement and accountablility. Plus when ya know others are suffereing too it makes it not as bad;)

Why am i cutting out sugar completely and not just “eating it in moderation” you ask? Well, cause i already “only have it in moderation” as in a sip or two from my boyfriends sweet tea (i like mine super strong and unsweetend!),  sweetened cereal, or the occasional donut or cookie that i begrudgingly turned on the oven in 90 degree florida heat to make! But sugar is poison in your body and i can see the effects on my face from the little bit i have now and then. Thankfully all of the fresh summer fruit makes a nice natural substitute! Aside from cutting out sugar i am also going to track my calories to make sure am i getting enough calories and a good breakdown of protein, fat, and carbs. It is easy for me to drop down to 1300 calories (way too low!!)  in the summer since i am eating so many very low calorie fruits and veggie and i should be eating more then 2,000 calories!!!!! Low calorie diets are  very bad for your body especially if you are super active and in the gym pretty much every day!

I am also kicking my workouts into high gear<- super excited to start kicking butt again in the gym!!  So I’ll be posting my workouts and eats daily and hopefully it will be an inspiration to you all!!! Remember these are MY workouts and MY eating plan so use caution when using them in your own life!!!

Lastly here is a Good article about what sugar does to your body. Its definitely worth the 2 seconds to type your (junk) email address and click submit! (you have to sign up to view it) Read it and let me know what you think!

Happy Memorial Day

May 30, 2011

Good morning:)  I’m sitting here at work eating my choco-peanutty oats and drinking iced coffee.

(Old fashioned oats, 1 tsp DARK cocoa powder, 1 tsp peanut flour, chia seeds, cinnamon, coconut flakes, blueberries, and a big glob of peanut butter!! YUM!!)

Just another normal morning. The gym opened at 7 this morning so i got to sleep in till 6 instead of my normal 4 am weekday wake up! YAY!

For my entire life my mom has grown a large vegetable garden in our backyard.

So of course since i won’t be home this summer, i had to grow my own! I started all my plants out as little seedlings.

Once they got big enough i dug up a patch for a garden. Seriously tough work since the ground was baked solid! After soaking it with the hose i was able to dig up the grass and loosen the soil. Since the ground is super sandy (the Intercoastal is at the end of my block…) i added plenty of organic topsoil. I also have a compost pile that i totally plan on bringing with me when i move;) I planted and organized everything and the next morning when i went out to look at my garden it had been dug up!! Dirt and little plants were everywhere:(:(:(:(  My roommates dog had been attracted by the nice cool dirt and jumped in! So after quiet a few tears, my boyfriend bought me new plants and they were put in. Well, since seeds got scattered all over the place, I have had to do quite a bit of transplanting when green bean plants were sprouting next to the tomatoes and zuccini was coming up in between the peppers!! But its all good now, aside from having to do a little bit of weeding when i get home:)

Green Beans

Ummmmmmm…..i cant remember lol i have to look at my list:)


Basil and cilantro (the basil above this was thinned out from the pot so they would all have more room)

Zuccini and yellow squash (the purple edges are a result of all the coffee grounds that i mix in with the dirt, it just changes the leaves and doesnt affect the veggies!)

And here is the picture i am most excited for:

I HAVE TOMATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! I love tomatoes and i am so so so so so so excited:) I bought four plants, one died, then i planted a rotten tomato and a plant came up. And then i was admiring my neighbors garden and he gave me 3 heirloom tomato plants!!!!  He doesn’t know what kind or color they are but i really don’t care as long as they are tomatoes:):)

My plant from the rotten tomato:):) Actually its four plants but since all the roots are intertwined I didnt want to sepperate them and kill all the roots.

Well thats my garden! Do you have one? What fruit/veggie are you most excited for this summer?

Oh and happy memorial day!! Dont forget to thank a vet! My whole family has a huge bbq every memorial day and this is only the second time I’ve missed it:(:( So after thanking a vet, go hug your family!

The annual volleyball game!

Craigslist Makeovers

May 28, 2011

I love craiglist! i could go on and on and on about all of the stuff i have bought, sold, and gotten for free on Craigslist!! My boyfriend and roommate have both gotten tons of jobs from there too!! The boyfriend and i want to start a store of all the furniture we have gotten off of there and fixed up:):) Someday…:) Right now we have 2 chairs and a couch that we are going to work on.

I was driving home from work one morning and i stopped at a stop sign and was looking at my neighbors trash and i saw this chair. At first i drove by but a block later i decided i wanted and made a quick u-turn to go pick it up:):)

Totally awesome right?!?!!! Anyway there are a few spots where the wicker has to be fixed so once i find some (im sure michaels has some so i need to go dig up a coupon!) and fix the spots i am going to paint it and i already have the paint! I know i should probably use a de-glazer so the paint will stick better but im not a chemical fan and im too lazy lol. Anyone have any wicker painting experience they’d like to share? I’d love some advice:)

This is Emmanuel’s “man chair” lol ignore all the car stuff and tools on it. We got this for free from craigslist and had to lug it down from someones second floor apartment! It is solid wood and very heavy!! It had hideous cushions that smelled disgusting so we promptly tossed them. He hasn’t decided what color to paint it yet. After he decides we’ll find some fabric and make cushions. Anyone have any good color suggestions?

Alright, this couch use to be in the lobby of the St. Augustine Record (a local newspaper) and somehow it ended up in this guys 2nd floor garage apartment (what is with us having to carry heavy furniture down rickety steps?!?!?). Anyway it smells old and there are a few rips but other then that its in really really good condition! And it was free:):):) I want to totally replace the cushions but Emmanuel likes the other side which is half leather/ half tan fabric, the same as the base. It looks nice but i dont know if the stains will come out., plus they kinda smell!

Totally awesome, right?!?!! I’m super excited to get working on it.



Have you ever used Craigslist?

like i said, i love it!

D.I.Y Pallet Bed and Bedroom Tour

May 27, 2011

I love being able to reuse stuff aka i like to get stuff for free;) I didnt spend anything on this project since i already had the paint and fabric!! Yay:) So if you want to make a pallet bed start scouting out the backs of stores to see if they have pallets. I got one of the blue ones from a dollar store, the other blue one from some random warehouse type place, and i cant remember where the unpainted one came from (that one isnt used on the bed, its for something else!).  These things are pretty heavy so bring some muscles with you!

1. The first step is to thoroughly clean the pallets. I read an article awhile back about how pallets contained e-coli and other bacteria since they were used for food transport and storage and never cleaned. Soooo use at your own risk. I figured that a couple coats of toxic paint would protect me lol. After the pallets are cleaned to your standards you should sand them, but i didnt and they turned out fine;) After sanding, apply two coats of paint, letting it completely dry inbetween. I used high gloss white paint cause i like shiny things!

2. After both coats are dry and the pallet is completely painted, drag them across your hardwood floors to your room have someone strong help you carry them to their destination. I then attached fabric squares to all of the corners so the floor would not get scratched. Felt or a heavy duty fabric would probably work better but since i was trying to do this with things i already had, i just cut up an old shirt that was headed to the rag pile. I used a hot glue gun but fabric or spray adhesive probably works just as well.

3. Admire your handy work:)

4. Fold an old blanket on top of the pallets so nails or rough edges don’t mess up your mattress.

5. Realize that this just became your puppy’s favorite place for a nap:)

Without the adorable puppy to distract you:

The openings make great storage spots for large drawings and artwork! I’m sure you could make some type of drawer to take full advantage of the space but i like the openness of it and wouldn’t want to clutter it up to much!

Now I just need to find a new bedside table since the one there right now is too big.

Heres the rest of the room, minus said bedside table.

Vanity area

The desk use to be my roommates but she didnt want it anymore. The front just fell of the bottom drawer so i have to get some more wood glue to fix it. You can see the bed through the mirror on my closet door.

Vintage jewelry box i got for $2 at a thrift store! I love the pop of green so i always keep it open. 

These wood slates are actually from a shoe rack but since my closet has plenty of shelves i didnt need them so i twisted a hanger to use as a hook (see the top picture) and i use colorful pushpins to hold up necklaces.

Perfect hairband holder!!

The necklace jewelry box is from Urban Outfitters and was a gift from the boyfriend when he was in bootcamp:)My Desk

I wrote about making my desk a month ago, and since then not much has changed except adding bulletin boards to pin notes and inspiration.

Ignore the messy pink crate under my desk lol its organized chaos:)  Oh and did i say that i got that super awesome chair at goodwill for $5?!?! The giant “joy of cooking” is a card i made my mom a few years ago when her cookbook fell apart. Since she doesnt like the new addition, my sisters and i hunted online and found the addition she likes on ebay but they took forever shipping it so i made the card for her to unwrap:)

Oh and can i just say again how much i hate the wall color!!!!! Its like a pastel olive-y grossness but since im probably moving in a few months i dont feel like painting it and then having to match the color again!

Thats it for today:) I have a bunch more awesome furniture D-I-Ys that i cant wait to complete, garden pictures and progress  to show (spoiler alert: i already have some tomatoes!!!), and share some amazingly delicious recipes like Summery Lemon Infused Grilled Veggie Lasagna!


May 19, 2011

I am addicted to Pinterest! If you have never gone there, finish reading my ramblings and then go there!!! For those of you that dont know. Pinterest is a site where members can “pin” pictures of anything they like onto “boards” on their site. Basically, it’s an online inspiration board. You can also search the site and “repin” pictures that  you like. <– That’s what i normally do. And i can easily spend hours and hours and hours being inspired and repinning stuff i love. To sign up, you request an invite, and then wait about a week for them to email you a link to sign up (sound super secret and inclusive lol). After signing up, you put a “pin it” link on your shortcut links so whenever you are on a page and you see an awesome photo of a couch (or whatever) you click the “pin it” link and it shows all of the pictures on the page and you can click on the one that you want to pin to your board. Its so addictive because its so easy and you just keep pinning and repinning for hours!

Anyway i love Pinterest because i have folders and folders  on my desktop of images and links and now i can just store them all online in a very organized and easy to view way:) Go and browse! I PROMISE you’ll catch the pinning bug too!!