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September 8, 2011

Hi guys! I have been awol over here since i have been working on my company (!!!) blog as well as my personal/studio blog. I never really posted on here about art and what i love doing (i dont know why cause its my blog and i can do what i want..) anyway so this is just a heads up post to let you all know where you can now find me:) i’ll still be posting recipes and fitness info, especially since i am getting my personal training certs this semester!! And of course pictures of my cute puppies:)

I started a stationary company called Seahorse Paper Co. and i do custom wedding invites and i am working on Christmas cards that will be sold online as well as in stores (hopefully!!) So contact me if you know someone getting married that needs custom handpainted invites! My studio blog will document all of the work i am making for my senior portfolio show (December 8th!!) as well as any other art related stuff that i do.

My stationary blog is

and my studio blog is

Check them out:) I will also have my professional portfolio site back up soon and i will link that to both of my blogs which  i will also have link as well so you can always check up on things (non-stalkerish hopefully..) Have a lovely day and yay for September and FALL!!!

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