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July 23, 2011

So immediately after getting back to Florida from my wonderful trip home to see my family, I had to find a place to live! I could have stayed at the house i currently live at but one of my roommates had waaaaaaaay to many guest over (as in there was atleast 1, normally 2 people there for 25/30 days a month!) So i kinda wanted to get out of the hotel! So at first we found this perfect cottage right off the beach!! it was super adorable and had so much POTENTIAL! I would have loved it….if i was buying it! The house would have required a bunch of work that i would have loved to do and would of had a blast doing it, but since we were just renting and I wouldn’t have gotten anything back financially  from any remodels, it wasn’t really the best choice. Actually the day we were supposed to sign the lease we went and visited a charming apartment thats on the second floor of an old victorian house and we fell in love with it!! The house has so much character, and all of the windows in the house are different! Its super eclectic and awesome! There is a little private yard, room for a garden (and they have bees!!!! which my garden was sorely lacking…and just to clarify, not hives just “visiting” bees lol a necessary component of pollination) their is also a pretty big balcony which is great for watching all the happenings going on downtown and dinner parties:)  Its one bedroom and a loft which is mine!! Im super excited about it lol my grandparents lived in a log cabin when i was a kid and i LOVED the loft!

So my life is currently being swallowed by boxes, and all the clutter is DRIVING ME INSANE!!!! I do not function well when things are a mess so ive been taking lots of naps (cause duh when your eyes are closed you cant see the mess!) and working extra. But very very soon it will be over and ill be in my awesome new place and i am already so inspired about different things i want to paint and make!!! And another reason im thrilled to be moving is that the oven in my house is broken and i have no idea when it will be fixed so no baking for me:(:(:( I made a batch of donuts before i realized it was broken and i had to try to pan fry little donut holes instead. Still good but not as good as if i had baked them:(

I’m off:) I’ll leave you with some lovely photos of my trip:






tea container/vase from the thrift store for $1!! I thought it was vintage but its actually from tj maxx haha

Cute little flower bowl that was $.60! And a vintage Bodum french press for $3! 

H&M wrap dress for $4!! 

Fun summery shorts for $3

A forever 21 sweter wrap thing for $1.50!! Oh thrift stores how i love you:)



My sister made me the most awesome banana cupcakes my last night there !! I wish i had some now (if only my stupid oven wasnt broken)!!!

Me and my sister played skip-bo everyday i was home lol we always get super competitive and play a million board and card games. We made it even more complicated by playing bo-skip lol where you can either but the card above it OR below it lol

My church is a block from Trader Joes and they always donate a ton of bread and produce to the church for the members to take. Dont worry, we left some for the other people;)

Did i ever tell ya that i played the organ? A friend gave it to us when they moved and so i played from 8-15 and my sister was actually a music major for a year before switching to a theater major. My moms parents and my dad’s stepdad and mom are on the left and an old family picture from when i was a kid and my dad’s father and stepmom are on the other side. I refurbished the old picture thats hanging up. It was a 2×3 inch snapshot of my grandmother, her sister, and their grandmother! It was super wrinkled and faded and i fixed it up in my photo class last year:):)

Anyways have a lovely weekend! Dont forget to stay active! I went for a great run this morning and my appetite has been ridiculous so im gonna find something to stuff my face with:):)


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  1. July 23, 2011 9:48 pm

    AHHHHHH you are sooo cool! seriously. GOOD LUCK with the move- that is so exciting!! seriously the process of moving is NOT fun. so cool that your church is so close to TJS- so jealous!!

  2. July 25, 2011 5:53 am

    Thanks girl:):) Here in Florida they don’t have a Trader Joe’s (or wegmans!) and the nearest Whole Foods is an hour away so i definitely take advantage when i’m home in Jersey since they are all within 15 minutes of my house!!

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