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Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2011

I have been MIA once again. This time its a good reason (well its always a good reason…) anyway…..I”M HOME!! Yay!!! ***insert fake applause*** I left florida at 9 pm on Tuesday after working 4-8 am, then working out, then babysitting 9:30-4pm (we went to the beach! yay tan!) and then spending time with my favorite boys who were not happy to see me go:(

Yay puppy kisses:)

I miss him:(

I had a lovely lay over in Atlanta for an hour and then got back on the same plane and flew up to philly. I landed at 1 am and my awesome awesome amigo Lauren picked me up!!! And of course our first stop was WAWA:):):) <- If you dont know what that place is, i am so sorry because your life is so much more difficult! It really is the bestest convenience store and they have great coffee (and a really good deli if ya eat that kinda stuff..)

Wednesday i woke up bright and early (after only a few hours of sleep) and went to the dentist! A great way to start off my vacation! I hadnt been in a few years but i had super clean teeth (i brush, rinse, and floss many times a day) and he told me that i have my wisdom teeth but since they are straight and i have enough room, there is no need to take them out! Praise Jesus:):):) I did NOT want to have to deal with that (or pay for it!!) so i am super thankful that they are all right! After that my mom and i went to some farm stands and got fresh veggies! South Jersey has so many farms and in the summer they all have stands but the road and sell all the produce! I forgot how much more lush vegetation there is in the north! Florida really cant compare! I would totally live in Florida September-April and live in Jersey from May-August!! That way i would get the best of both climates:)

After hanging with lauren more that afternoon, we went with my sisters to our community group at church and we met at The Pop Shop for a fun night of food and fellowship. I had a ginormous bowl (seriously an entire pint!) of chocolate soy ice cream with Oreo crumbles and it was delicious!

Thursday i worked 9-5 at my gym up here. My manager is awesome and always asks when I’ll be home and gives me whatever shifts i want:):):) While i waited for my sister to pick me up i ran 15 minutes of interval sprints (1 minute on 11mph, 1 min 4 mph) and then foam rolled and did one set of lat pull downs with 100 lbs. Lol i would have done more but my sister arrived:)

Friday, i finally got to sleep in for the first time since christmas and i took full advantage and didnt get up till 11:30!!!!! I did a Bodyrock workout (LOVE these workouts!! I found this site last february and they have gotten so much more popular and the workouts get better and better!) and then got ready and went to my cousins wedding.

This is my cousin and her dad during their dance and everyone was dying of laughter!! My uncle is hilarious and they danced to Aint no Mountain High (is that the name?) and they did the traditional sway during the verse but during the chorus they went crazy! it was pretty awesome:):)

Saturday i slept in, did a quick 6 minute Bodyrock workout, walked up town for the parade only to arrive too late so we walked around town for awhile and then at night walked downtown to see my town’s fireworks:)

Sunday was church:):):) I love my home church and i wish i could take it with me to florida!! (i love my church in florida too) The people here are so so so friendly and they have great teaching! Thankfully i can download the sermons so its kinda like im there even when im not:) After the service my sister and i went to our favorite thrift store, Village Thrift! We just call it The Village;) Its a huge building stuffed with everything and on Sundays they have 1/2 off deals on different color tags. Ill show ya later what i got since the clothes are still in the wash:)

After dinner we headed over to the Haddonfield fireworks with our friend Kristin. Haddonfield apparently spent $25,000 on fireworks this year and you could definitely tell cause they were amazing! We got there at 7 and staked out a great spot on the lawn right near the front and then walked down to starbucks for some iced coffee (why i am still up at 1:16 am writing this post lol). We then hung out on the blanket playing card games and skip-o until it was dark enough for the fireworks!!! My favorite are the gold drippy ones and the gold sparkly ones lol and i realized as i was looking at my pictures that i got one which has a smiley face in it!!

Thats it for me! Im off to sleep:):) I still have to share my super exciting (more like harrowing!) adventure from last week, stay tuned for that!

Have a safe and happy 4th, and make sure you thank a service member or two for all the do to keep our country free!!!

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