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Its finally friday!!!

June 17, 2011

Just so you know, i spelled finally and friday wrong (and spelled too lol) so i definitely know its time for some relaxing!! The funny thing is that i went to bed at 10 last night! Normally im in bed by 11 and i wake up at 4 am. Five hours of sleep is not enough and i always end up taking a nap during the afternoon. Now let me just say that i LOVE naps! Albert Einstein took naps and they are proven to give you a mental boost! I really got hooked on taking naps after living in Argentina where there was a lovely siesta from 1-4pm and every store was closed! When i dont get enough sleep i get sick and never get better! When i was nannying+working at a gym for over 40 hours a week+plus taking 18 credits a semester i would get maybe 6 hours a night but i didnt get  to take a nap so i was always sick:( Now i have learned my lesson and i value as much sleep as i can get!!

Anyway enough moaning! Its friday:):):) Woohoo!!! Though i work tomorrow, i we open 2.5 hours later so i get more sleep!  The rest of this month is going to be crazy busy!! We are going to my boyfriends parents house this weekend for fathers day, and then next weekend we are helping his brother and sis in law move up to savannah:):) And then in 11 days i am flying home to jersey:):):) so ya see what i mean about it being packed! But i’m excited!! I love taking trips (esp. with the boyfriend!). And tomorrow while he is hanging out with some of his friends having guy time, i get to go over to a camp i use to work at and hangout with some of my good friends who are working there this summer:):):)

Well im off to ice my hand…or maybe heat it. I whacked the median nerve, its right between the index finger and thumb, (i googled to find out the name lol) right on the corner of a metal filing cabinet as i walked by and it still hurts to touch it or to move it, 2 hours later:(:(:( I really just want to curl up in a ball in my nice comfy bed and take a looooong nap! Happy friday everyone! Hopefully you’ll have time to get a nap sometime this weekend:)

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