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Taking Trips

June 12, 2011

Sooo I meant to blog on friday but i was a little busy……….


…..buying my plane ticket home to Jersey:):):):)

I am so so so so so so beyond excited that i get to go home to Jersey for almost 10 days! My cousin is getting married so i definitely wanted to be there for it. I only had 4 cousins on my moms side of the family so we were all pretty close:) I can not wait to eat my Mom’s cooking, go to shows with my sisters, hangout with my bestie, and just relax!!! So start expecting a countdown cause they always get me super excited and ofcourse im going to share my excitement with you!!

Flagler College, St. Augustine

As much as i love home and New Jersey, St. Augustine is a pretty nice place to live and its my favorite place in the “South.” My boyfriends brother and sister-in-law stopped by for the first time on their way home from Savannah (my second favorite place in the south!) They were up there for the weekend since he got a new job and they will be moving up in a few weeks(!!!) so i am super super excited to be able to go up and visit all the time and hang out in that gorgeous place:):):) We took them on a tour of St. Augustine, but i didn’t really get any pictures since it was super super smoky from all the wildfires in the area and it was kinda just trucking from one place to the other without breathing too hard!

Savannah, Georgia

There is another gorgeous place that i have ALWAYS wanted to go! Growing up, i always embraced the French in me and would love learning about the French history and culture! In high school i took 4 years of honors french and was the VP of the french national honor society (yea i was a nerd, so what!) I always planned to spend a semester overseas studying in Paris but instead i lived in Argentina and traipsed around Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America. But i still want the real deal!

So i entered the contest at  please don’t enter and kill my dreams of wandering around cobblestone streets in moonlight (though since there are over 8,000 people signed up im not sure how good my chances are…) I told the boyfriend about the contest and said that if i win, we elope and go as our honeymoon, and he agreed so if I win, you know whats going to happen:):)

Well back to real life and enough dreaming:( My boss is gone, so i’m in charge and i’m working over  40 hours this week!) Im super excited about it as well as the check that ill be getting:):) So until tomorrow, have a fabulous night!

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