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Welcome to June

June 6, 2011

Yea yea yea im 6 days late with that lol but better late then never, right:)

This month is going to be crazy!! My boss is going away for a few weeks and i will be working full time while he’s gone. Since i’ll be here from 5 am-noon you can expect to see a lot of posts since there isnt much else to do. I really am so blessed to have such a lienient job where i can just hangout on my computer or do artwork! I got a ton of my Design homework done here in the wee hours of the morning! Of course i cant start an oil painting or a sculpture but i can do pretty much anything else:)

Speaking of being blessed, I got a raise!!! Apparently im pretty awesome;);) It was totally unexpected but it was great since it couldn’t have come at a better time:) I was also pretty thrilled that im going to start babysitting the girls i use to watch, for a few days a week! And then at the end of the month, after busting my booty with work, I get to go home!!!!!!!!! (also the reason i want to work a bunch!) My cousin is getting married on July 1st so i want to be home for that but i haven’t seen my family since Christmas and i have definitely missed them!!!!

A few days ago i was on a friends facebook and i saw a picture of a girl i haven’t seen in forever and it turns out she was in a figure competition! She looks AMAZING and it really hit me out out of shape i have gotten (I’m not talking about a weight loss diet, i want a muscle gain plan!). When you look at magazines i never take anything seriously since i know how easy it is to use photoshop! But when its a grainy facebook phone picture and the person still looks incredible ya know its real! Anyway, i know that i am still in decent shape and in a few weeks if i am disciplined i can get back a lot of the muscle tone that i lost. Yay for muscle memory! When i was in my best shape i ate very very little added sugar and so i am doing the no-sugar detox along with Laury and a bunch of others at The Fitness Dish. Its always nice to have a little encouragement and accountablility. Plus when ya know others are suffereing too it makes it not as bad;)

Why am i cutting out sugar completely and not just “eating it in moderation” you ask? Well, cause i already “only have it in moderation” as in a sip or two from my boyfriends sweet tea (i like mine super strong and unsweetend!),  sweetened cereal, or the occasional donut or cookie that i begrudgingly turned on the oven in 90 degree florida heat to make! But sugar is poison in your body and i can see the effects on my face from the little bit i have now and then. Thankfully all of the fresh summer fruit makes a nice natural substitute! Aside from cutting out sugar i am also going to track my calories to make sure am i getting enough calories and a good breakdown of protein, fat, and carbs. It is easy for me to drop down to 1300 calories (way too low!!)  in the summer since i am eating so many very low calorie fruits and veggie and i should be eating more then 2,000 calories!!!!! Low calorie diets are  very bad for your body especially if you are super active and in the gym pretty much every day!

I am also kicking my workouts into high gear<- super excited to start kicking butt again in the gym!!  So I’ll be posting my workouts and eats daily and hopefully it will be an inspiration to you all!!! Remember these are MY workouts and MY eating plan so use caution when using them in your own life!!!

Lastly here is a Good article about what sugar does to your body. Its definitely worth the 2 seconds to type your (junk) email address and click submit! (you have to sign up to view it) Read it and let me know what you think!

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