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D.I.Y Pallet Bed and Bedroom Tour

May 27, 2011

I love being able to reuse stuff aka i like to get stuff for free;) I didnt spend anything on this project since i already had the paint and fabric!! Yay:) So if you want to make a pallet bed start scouting out the backs of stores to see if they have pallets. I got one of the blue ones from a dollar store, the other blue one from some random warehouse type place, and i cant remember where the unpainted one came from (that one isnt used on the bed, its for something else!).  These things are pretty heavy so bring some muscles with you!

1. The first step is to thoroughly clean the pallets. I read an article awhile back about how pallets contained e-coli and other bacteria since they were used for food transport and storage and never cleaned. Soooo use at your own risk. I figured that a couple coats of toxic paint would protect me lol. After the pallets are cleaned to your standards you should sand them, but i didnt and they turned out fine;) After sanding, apply two coats of paint, letting it completely dry inbetween. I used high gloss white paint cause i like shiny things!

2. After both coats are dry and the pallet is completely painted, drag them across your hardwood floors to your room have someone strong help you carry them to their destination. I then attached fabric squares to all of the corners so the floor would not get scratched. Felt or a heavy duty fabric would probably work better but since i was trying to do this with things i already had, i just cut up an old shirt that was headed to the rag pile. I used a hot glue gun but fabric or spray adhesive probably works just as well.

3. Admire your handy work:)

4. Fold an old blanket on top of the pallets so nails or rough edges don’t mess up your mattress.

5. Realize that this just became your puppy’s favorite place for a nap:)

Without the adorable puppy to distract you:

The openings make great storage spots for large drawings and artwork! I’m sure you could make some type of drawer to take full advantage of the space but i like the openness of it and wouldn’t want to clutter it up to much!

Now I just need to find a new bedside table since the one there right now is too big.

Heres the rest of the room, minus said bedside table.

Vanity area

The desk use to be my roommates but she didnt want it anymore. The front just fell of the bottom drawer so i have to get some more wood glue to fix it. You can see the bed through the mirror on my closet door.

Vintage jewelry box i got for $2 at a thrift store! I love the pop of green so i always keep it open. 

These wood slates are actually from a shoe rack but since my closet has plenty of shelves i didnt need them so i twisted a hanger to use as a hook (see the top picture) and i use colorful pushpins to hold up necklaces.

Perfect hairband holder!!

The necklace jewelry box is from Urban Outfitters and was a gift from the boyfriend when he was in bootcamp:)My Desk

I wrote about making my desk a month ago, and since then not much has changed except adding bulletin boards to pin notes and inspiration.

Ignore the messy pink crate under my desk lol its organized chaos:)  Oh and did i say that i got that super awesome chair at goodwill for $5?!?! The giant “joy of cooking” is a card i made my mom a few years ago when her cookbook fell apart. Since she doesnt like the new addition, my sisters and i hunted online and found the addition she likes on ebay but they took forever shipping it so i made the card for her to unwrap:)

Oh and can i just say again how much i hate the wall color!!!!! Its like a pastel olive-y grossness but since im probably moving in a few months i dont feel like painting it and then having to match the color again!

Thats it for today:) I have a bunch more awesome furniture D-I-Ys that i cant wait to complete, garden pictures and progress  to show (spoiler alert: i already have some tomatoes!!!), and share some amazingly delicious recipes like Summery Lemon Infused Grilled Veggie Lasagna!

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  1. May 27, 2011 5:20 pm

    Wow what an awesome bed! I love this.

    • May 27, 2011 6:56 pm

      Thanks!!! I want to maybe make another level so its a bit higher off the ground but im too lazy to go get more pallets lol


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