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Switching up my Fitness

May 17, 2011

Hey guys:) Well so much for blogging everyday in may:( I really want to but life’s a little busy. So that surprise b-day present from the boyfriend was……………..

A month of unlimited  classes at an amazing jiu jujitsu place that just opened here in St. Augustine:):):):) I have always wanted to take martial arts classes that would also be practical for self-defense (cause are you seriously gonna try to karate chop a rapist?!?!?) Brazilian jiu jujitsu was started when a Japanese judo master (Mitsuyo Maeda) traveled to Brazil in 1914 and met Castao Gracie and began to instruct his son Carlos. Helio Gracie (Carlos’ brother) also learned the sport and adapted it around his health issues into what is now known as Brazilian Jiu Jujitsu or Gracie Jiu Jujitsu. The place i take classes is run by a guy who fought for the Gracies and is a 2nd degree black belt!

Since i have an unlimited pass i try to go to both classes each day! So my schedule has pretty much been taken over by it! I wake up at 4 and work 5-9 then workout (this is a lie lol most days i go home and nap) and then i go to class from 12-2:30ish and then go home and nap if i didnt already or i go to the gym if i didnt earlier lol and then i go to class from 5:30-7:30ish and then go home and EAT!

Right now im going into workout withdrawal since i havent been to class since thursday!  The boyfriend and i journeyed to Tampa on Friday for his brothers bday (crazy party in the VIP section of a swanky club till 2 am- waaaaay to late for this old lady who got up at 4 am lol). We hung out with them on saturday and went to PEI WEI for lunch! I love this place and at least once a week i express my desire for one near me! We drove back here on sunday since the bf had to work in the afternoon:( The whole weekend my car was overheating and for some reason the fans weren’t turning on in my car and some other crap so all day monday the boyfriend tried to fix it. Almost $200 later its still not fixed but he’ll figure it out today cause he’s super smart with cars! I’m just happy i dont have to pay hundreds more in labor!!

Hmm lets see what else has been going on:) Workout wise i havent been feeling weights too much:/ The past few weeks i do atleast 3 days of weights (2 upper body and one lower) but i miss my 5 days of weights. Instead of weights i have been doing jui jujitsu, surfing (so much fun!!), gymnastic rings workouts (killer! ill have to make a video but it requires a ton of upper body strength and balance so its not a good idea for workout beginners) and last night i fell in love with running again:):):) It’s been super cool here in Florida lately (a very welcome break from the heat!) and last night i decided to go for a run since i didnt get to workout or go to class curtesy of my broken car:( I have a love/hate relationship with running, i either love it and run all the time or i hate it and dont do it for weeks! I havent run in over a month and after a very winded first minute i hit my groove and had a blast:):) Thankfully its going to be cool all week and I’ll hopefully get in a few more runs!

Lastly, has anyone seen/have this watch? The S2H replay is a watch that rewards you for working out! How awesome is that! The website says that for every 60 minutes of activity you get points and you can redeem your  points for things like target gift cards and spa discounts. I really want to get one! Maybe it will motivate me to get my booty back into the weight room:)

Have you guys seen any fun fitness devices lately?

Whats your favorite non-gym workout?

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