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Spring Break!

March 16, 2011

Or spring “blink” as those of us a Flagler like to call it. I only have thursday and friday off and since i never have class on friday anyway, i pretty much only have one day of “spring break”:(:(  But ill take it!!

Despite the fact that my professors have assigned more projects then they would on a normal weekend (and it pretty much is just a normal weekend) i have lots in store! For classes i have to: finish 3 paintings, update my design class blog (yep my teacher makes us keep a blog and post all of our projects on it so we can see what others in our class and others before us have done), color theory sketches, final project research, finish a mail art project, finish my zombie illustrated diagram (it will be ridiculously awesome), and do a couple of drawings. I also have to get working on arranging an internship this summer which could possibly be with an art museum in Jax, Anthropologie  working with the in store designers (yay), or at a gallery. While it would be so so so much fun to be at anthro, the museum job would be the best career wise but we shall see.

If there is any spare time after finishing all of that, i will be laying out at the beach!!! Im super excited that its going to be around the 80s all weekend so it will be perfect…if i get outside at all that is:/

In other news lol I have really been enjoying breakfast the past few weeks. I always love breakfast but i have been enjoying a greater variety in the morning. I was eating overnight oats during the week but i have been switching it up with protein shakes, english muffins, bagels, cereal, and fruit. Today i had some overnight oats (i made a big batch yesterday) with a ton of fresh strawberries, and english muffin with peanut butter, and a grapefruit. I will never refuse fruit, especially when its fresh, local and doesnt  have any pesticides, so when i saw that a gym member had left a huge bucket filled with grapefruit i had to have one:)

Well im gonna get started on my projects and hopefully knock some out so ill be able to get to the beach this afternoon:):) Have a great day!

Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? Or are you on spring “break” too?

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