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March 3, 2011

For about a year i have been questioning my major and just feeling like i was lacking inspiration and wondering what the heck i was doing in art school and if i should change my major. Well thats probably due to the fact that pretty much all of the blogs in my reader were about food and fitness. I use to read tons of design and art magazines but due to who knows what since moving down here they havent been as much of my life. As an artist it is important to always be looking at art and seeing whats new in the design world in order to stay “with it” lol  so if i am not looking at art as much then i wont have as many creative ideas of my own. Creativity breeds more creativity. Anyways after now daily art and design viewings, I FEEL SO INSPIRED:)

I was on an engaged friend’s facebook and she had a link to wedding gawker and so being a wedding a lover i clicked on it and was blown away by all the awesome weddings featured (as a side note, Anthropologies new wedding line is out and i am beyond excited about it!) and from wedding gawker i went to dwelling gawker and craft gawker and then to design sponge and a bunch of other blogs that are now living in my google reader:) (Does anyone else have difficulty saying gawker??? i say it normally in my head but once i try to say it…lol)  Anyway i have been crazy busy with school the past few weeks but its all good, i keep reminding myself that soon enough I’ll be done (in december!!!!) and have to find a “real” job in the art world and so i should get use to the hectic schedule.

Someone had a birthday:) His b-day was on saturday so we had an extended weekend of fun! Thursday we got chinese and candy and watched movies, Friday we went to P.F. Changs (it was gonna be chipotle but we switched when we got to the town center lol) Saturday we went out to chilis with some friends and stuffed our faces with chips and quac and salsa and since we were too stuffed that night, on sunday we had cake. (Can you tell we like to eat haha)

To-die-for chocolate chocolate chip cake with coconut frosting!!!!

I used the ppk chocolate cake recipie, doubled it to fit in my bundt pan (only $4 at the thrift store!!) and added 1/2 cup of chocolate chips! The frosting is a mix of coconut flakes, coconut milk, and powdered sugar. The frosting had more of a glaze consistency  so it dripped into the cake infussing it with cocount goodness. Sadly it was devoured and there is none left:(:( If you like chocolate cake, go make this now!! I did a few substitutions: instead of almond milk i used coconut milk and i just used more vanilla instead of both vanilla and almond extract. Either way, its really really really good!

Well im off to work on an illustration project till i get off work and then i have a huge project to finish for my drawing 3 class thats due at 11. EEKS!


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