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Happy (late) v-day:)

February 17, 2011

So its been a busy busy week for me. I went to the doctors last monday and found out that i had strep throat:( Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better then having to have my wisdom teeth out like i origionally thought but still extremely sucky! The doctor actually said that my throat was “impressively swollen with lots of gunk in there”! Gorgeous i know;) I stayed in bed for three days, well i went to work every morning and then would come home and go back to sleep. Then all weekend i was trying to catch up on assignments for the classes i missed and Emmanuel and I went over to his parents saturday night for his dad’s bday. It was the puppy’s first trip with us and he was soooo well behaved!

He slept most of the 3 hour trip and he followed us around the whole time we were at their house so we wouldn’t leave him.

Can i say that i had the best valentine;)  I got back from work in the morning and he had gotten me a bunch of fun kitchen stuff (yes i would prefer to get kitchen gadgets and utensils over a bouquet of flowers that will die in a few days)! After I spent  the afternoon in class, we went to the gym for chest day, my first workout in over a week. At first i felt super weak but toward the end (probably once the jack3d started kicking in lol) i was having a great workout and my muscles were pretty happy to get pumping again:):):):)

We then went home and got all spiffy and went to dinner at the raw vegan restaurant Present Moment, that i have been wanting to go to FOREVER!! My boyfriend isn’t a vegan so it was so sweet of him to take me there:) The food was delicious and the interior is so cute! i cant wait to go back!

After comtemplating getting pancakes since they serve breakfast all day (i love breakfast food!) we got the fresh guac and salsa with chips for an appetizer. (They offered a special valentines day meal but i wasnt really into the menu for it so we just ordered what we wanted.)

Emmanuel got a veggie burger that he didnt realize wasnt cooked lol but the flavors worked beautifully together and the dressing on the salad was so good!

I decided on the fruits of the sea appetizer as my meal. It was a huge helping of seaweed salad served on top of a coleslaw type salad that of course i loved since it had cabbage in it lol. The flavors once again were delicious together. I didnt get a good pic:( Just imagine a really pretty pile of seaweed salad!

Of course we had to order desert!! Its so awesome to go to a restaurant where i can order ANYTHING on the menu! We split the brownie sundae and the apple crisp. The brownie pieces were delicious but neither of us really loved the apple crisp. The flavors were great (like everything else!) but the texture wasn’t crispy enough and was more of a cake with chopped up apples. Good but not what i was expecting.

Well that was my week:) I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s day. Let me know if you did anything fun.

Have a great night!

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