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Class at the gym

January 29, 2011

I work at a really nice gym in my town and we offer over 200 classes a month. Everything from Aikido to zumba. I would never get around to going but it is one of my resolutions this year to atleast get to 2 classes a week. Last week i went to a killer spin class and two yoga classes. This week i only made it to one yoga class but i was so happy that i made myself go to that one:)

I had never taken a spin class before and was pretty excited for it and it defintiely didnt disappoint!! The actual  workout was great but what hurt the most was my feet:( I knew not to wear my trusty vibrams but the only “normal” sneakers i could find in my closet were these super worn down keds that i transitioned in when i switched from regular sneakers to vibrams.

Uh yea doing all the ups and downs in these was not exactly the funnest thing in the world! Thankfully i did a little more digging in the closet and unearthed my asics which i had totally forgotten about.

I forgot how much cushioning these things had! Total foot bliss:)

Major cushion change!!

I have been loving yoga! I have lost so much flexibility since my days as a cheerleader:(:( Definitely looking forward to getting that back. Plus my shoulders are loving it too:):):)

My goal is to make it to at least one spin class and one yoga class a week but i hope to get to 4 classes a week: monday night-spin (or pilates), tues night- yoga, wed night- yoga or spin (or both maybe lol?!), and thurs night- yoga (or possibly yogilates). I’ll keep ya updated, more for my own accountability rather then your reading pleasure lol though i hope to start putting up workouts soon and maybe doing videos of my favorite moves that i cant find examples of online. So lots of stuff happening on here, like i actually updated the recipe page to include links to all my recipes:):):) So go check it out and make something yummy!

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