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I love Wegmans!

December 30, 2010

If you live near a wegmans, odds are you take it for granted. If you dont know what wegmans is, well you are missing out!!! Wegmans is a food store that is a combination of whole foods and a normal food store all in one:):):) Here is jersey there are 2 within 10 minutes of me but alas, there are none in florida:(:(:(:( For christmas my parents got me a gift card there cause they knew i would be spending some time (and money) over there:):) I finally go to go the other day and here is some of the loot i collected:)

I stocked up on chia seeds and steel cut oats since the nearest natural food store to my school is over 30 minutes away:(:( I also got some of the chocolate peppermint soymilk cause, duh, its the best flavor ever! Some kombucha cause my sister is sick and i do not want to catch it!! And i bought some apple butter cause i have always loved it after a family friend made it but no store bought kinds ever tasted as good until i tried this!!

Oh yum!! I have also been putting it in my overnight oats every day! SO FREAKING GOOD!

And that is what happens to me when i try to make my breakfast for the next day while i am dead tired:(:( Thankfully it all stayed on the table and i could funnel it into a plastic container but it was still annoying beyond belief! Well i think Im gonna go pour a nice big class of chocolate peppermint soymilk and eat some toast with apple butter:) Have a good night!!!


Do you live near a Wegmans?

What is your favorite food store?


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  1. December 31, 2010 2:35 am

    I’ve never been to wegmans! i should sure go though.. i love trader joes– the typical!

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