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Christmas Weekend Happenings

December 28, 2010

The 23rd started off with my alarm gong off at 4 am! I worked 5-8 and then a 9 we left for our 15 hour drive from St. Augustine to my home in South Jersey:):)

Lots of pickles, carrots and hummus, and salad (along with a few bagels and plenty of chocolate almond milk) were consummed.

Naps were taken and magazines were read.

Christmas eve was shopping mayhem! I got my mom and sister dance passes for the studio my sister goes to, good for any pilates, yoga, zumba, ballet, jazz, and hip hop classes. I got my dad a pillies shirt and a itunes gift card since he just got an iphone. And for the little sis i got her a circus waffle maker and noah’s ark cookie cutters (thanks to a macy’s gift card) and a fun girly muffin tin and cute ramkins (i love having a christmas tree shop near home they have the cutest cheap stuff!! And for the awesome boyfriend i got him an old school shaving brush and soap (he’ll get a striaght edge razor for the bday in February lol) and i painted (ok its not done yet lol) a picture of gears for him that will look amazing when its finished!

We finsihed the day off with a beautiful service at my church that i missed so much in florida! I wish i could clone it and have it down in florida with me:( But it was so great to be back and i loved being there!

It was great to have christmas morning with the family! We took over an hour to open presents since we had one person go at a time lol I was beyond happy and suprised with all the gifts that i was given since i told my parents to just use the money for my phone and insurance bills but they still got me protein, cash, A DONUT PAN!!, and a wegmans gift card and my sisters got me workout pants and a winn dixie gift card (hilarious cause there are none up north so she ordered it online) and more moolah. And from my most awesome boyfriend i got a foam roller, a car kit with useful and cool stuff, and he changed my oil and all the fluids and jazz for me:):)

It was great to see my 90 year old popo-pop that night since he just got out of a rehab place (he spent the last month in the hospital and in rehab for his corated artery being completely blocked and some other things). And also it was crazy to see how fast my cousins son was growing up! He was walking all around and last time i saw him he could barely craw!

Sunday we went to church (once again so happy to be there!! and i hope i finally find one in florida that just as awesome!) And headed out shopping as the snow started falling!! Snow was one thing that i wanted while i was home so i was super happy all day!! After getting presents for his aunt and parents (as well as say yes to carrots/tomatos shampoo and conditioner for only $3!!!) we headed home for a catch phrase battle with the family (emmanuel, me and my older sister are all super super competititive so its always fun hahah) and then i made pumpkin spice donuts (post to come later).

Today was sleeping, breakfast, nap, snow playing/shoveling, awesome workout, and then work from 5-11:45! I love working at gyms but somehow i either work the earliest shift or the latest lol but tomorrow i am working the midday so im happy bout that lol:)

Yay snow:)):)


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  1. December 28, 2010 2:05 am

    a donut pan!! thats awesome– please make some and show us!

  2. December 28, 2010 12:38 pm

    The snow looks beautiful! And I like opening gifts slower and seeing what everyone got. I’ve never seen a donut pan before!

  3. December 28, 2010 9:32 pm

    OH a donut pan!! I’ve been wanting one so I could somehow create some lower carb pancakes but I’m not even sure if that’s possible! Ha! I’m anxious to see what you make!

  4. December 29, 2010 8:44 am

    You better show us how to make some goood donuts! 🙂


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