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Done for the semester:):)

December 15, 2010

First came thanksgiving and then came a cold and then came finals, but i’m finally done:):):)

I pretty much spent all of thursday in bed napping:):) it was pretty glorious! And my boyfriend came to visit that weekend and it was great to just hangout and not have to worry about any thing!!!

Lots of pancakes were eaten, some with the buckweat mix combined with a banana, coconut milk, and pumpkin, and then his favoirte vegan double chocolate chip pancakes.


There was burrito domination

his was seriously the biggest one i have ever seen, they couldnt fit it all in the tortilla so they double wrapped it and stuck it in a bowl lol

A ginormous salad! I had them put double amounts of everything hehehe

Downtown was explored

And we took a visit to Christmas land.

But some of the best moments weren’t photographed, they were lived and experienced and think that sometimes its best to just put away the camera and live in the moment! (Even though i have a horrid memory and would like photographic evidence to help me remember lol)

I love Christmas decorations and i cant wait to be back in jersey to see all the outrageous light displays!! Only 8 days till we drive home:)


Do you decorate a ton at christmas or do you let others do all he hard work?


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  1. emmanuel permalink
    December 15, 2010 8:17 pm

    what an amazing weekend, i really think we need to stop eating so much, or you could just stop taking pics of it, people are gonna think thats all we do lol, next photo: us at the gym!!!

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