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It’s MOFO time ya’ll

November 5, 2010

November is the vegan Month Of FOod where vegan (and i supposed some non vegan) bloggers write all about vegan food and the joys of being a vegan! This is my first year participating and already I am doing such a swell job with posting daily lol I’ll get with it, I promise:) You can go to the MOFO site to see all of the over 700 blogs that are involved and to get some delish recipes! I have already seen a bunch that i want to try!!

In nonfood news, heres all my workouts for the week:

Monday – Shoulders and Bi’s

I was in a rush so i didnt write it down but it was awesome:))

Tuesday- Chest

Incline bar 65- 5, 70-5, 5
Flat bar with leg lift 75-6, 85-4, 4
Leg and butt lift 10, 15, 15sloooooow
Decline bar 85-6, 90-4, 95-4
Crunches 25-8,  6
Incline dumbbell 50-8,8
Flat dumbbell 60- 6, 6
Flat dumbbell pullovers 30-7, 7
Decline dumbbell 60-4, 5
Decline dumbbell pullovers 35-7,6
Foam rolling and stretching:):)
Wednesday- Back and tri’s

Run- 6 min, .88, sprints throughout 1min-.18, 11mph, 1min-.19,11mph
Seated row 87.5- 6, 92.5-6, 6
Lat pull down: close 92.5-5, 5,6
Reverse 80-5, 6, 7                                   <- all three done as a circuit
Wide front and back55-5, 4, 6
One arm tricep press down 20-6, 6, 7
Reverse grip 10-9, 8, 10
Straight arm pull down with tricep press 40-10, 50-8 + 20-20, 50-8, 20-20
Rowing machine 500m- 2:25, 270m-1:15
One arm row- 35-6, 40-5
Barbell Row- 65-6, 70-6
Tricep kickback 15-6, 6
Tricep press down 30-10, 40-8
Weighted cable crunch- 100-10, 110-7

Thursday-I was gonna do legs but all my sprinting yesterday left my calf very tight so i just foam rolled and did yoga:) and of course biked to and from school:)

Friday- Legs

Squat 155-8, 165-6,6
Smith lunges 140-5, 6,6burn:)
Overhead/good mornings/bosu squats 55-8/8/8, 65-6/8/8, 7/6/6
Calf raises 140-6, 7, 7
Leg press 630-6, 720-5, 1leg-180-8, both-20ahhhhhhhh!!!!
Bosu one leg dead lifts 45-6, 10,15

This was a short workout but it totally wiped me out! It probably had a little to do with forgetting breakfast! I didn’t make my regular overnight oats last night since i was planning on making pancakes for breakfast after my workout since i planned on working out at 6 and i don’t like to eat a big breakfast that early. Well it was nice and chilly and my bed was so warm that i didn’t get up till 8 and somehow forget to get something to nibble on before my workout which is super weird for me since i LOVE breakfast. Oh well, the bike ride home straight into the wind more then made up for anything i didn’t do lol !I’ll probably go for a quick run tonight or tomorrow morning and throw in some yoga sometime this weekend:)

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