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Clearwater Beach

October 19, 2010

I love clearwater beach! It is one of my favorites for the nice beach, fun little town, and nice water (but parking sucks since they took out the free lot) When i was still in Jersey, every time i visited my boyfriend we would always go to Clearwater and then go to international mall and then go to Chipotle. Ahhhhh gotta love traditions:)

So this past weekend since i only had a few things for homework, and since  i still havent found a job for the weekends, i made the 3 hour drive over to his house. We first hit up the chinese buffet and then went searching for a bathing suit since i forgot mine. Oopps! (Emmanuel claims that i forgot it on purpose so i could get a new one. i may or may not have thought that….hehehe) We found an unmatching top and bottom and got them both for only $5 with the hope of finding either a top or bottom that matched. After a killer circuit workout and sauna at his gym on saturday morning, we left for the beach and on the way i found a cute bottoms at target for only $4 that matched the top i found the night before!! Score:):)

We hung out on the beach with Emmanuel’s brother and  sis-in-law and i of course forgot sunscreen/tanning oil at home so i got a nice bright red sunglass “tan” hahaha oops!!! We then hit up international mall and chilled on the massage chairs at brookstone for awhile and then went to the apple store to charge my phone and look up dinner plans:):) We decided on  Indian food!!!!!

After a little drive though some of the sketchier areas of Tampa, we got to the little place. Appearances can be deceiving!!! Most times little places in shopping centers can be better then fancy places! The waiter was so helpful in telling me what was vegan and since i got the sampler they subbed in different stuff for me and specially made me (vegan) roti instead of the (non vegan) naan that was supposed to come with my meal! Super super nice!!!

crunchy bread and “salsa” they brought to the table

Veggie appetizer sampler

Emmanuels non-veg sampler platter + rice and naan

his food again:)

me and my food:):) ignore my giraffe neck haha

my food again +rice (that i didnt eat) and


The food was amazing and i definitely had a little indian baby by the time we left!!!!!

Sunday came all too soon and after church, Indian leftovers, and painting homework, i drove back to good ole St. Augustine.


Dont forget to get the $5 off coupon for iherb!!

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  1. guy in the red shirt permalink
    October 20, 2010 2:13 am

    wow looks like you had a great weekend, your bf seems like an awesome guy!!!

  2. October 22, 2010 7:25 pm

    Clearwater is a really great beach! Glad you had fun. 🙂

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