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I’m back:):)…

October 7, 2010

…and so is someone else

(which explains why I wasn’t around hehehe:)

He didn’t get to stay in bootcamp which I was annoyed that they kept him in that long and didn’t allow him to go back in, but i was beyond excited to see him since we have been apart since may!!

He got home on a tuesday and it was torture to wait all week to see him:( Stupid school and work!! But we had an awesome weekend at his house and then he came back with me for the week and  hung out! Unfortunately  i finally had to drop him off on sunday:(

He is still able to go back to the navy in 6 months if he wants but for now he is looking to go back to school. The one he wants to go to is only 40 minutes from me so i am beyond estatic that we will actually be close to each other for the first time in the 2 years that we have been dating:):)

We had lots and lots and lots of fun food:):) We both love to eat and we always gain some weight when we hang out lol. I’ll post a recap of the week later:):)


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