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Navy Drama

August 25, 2010

This thursday i was supposed to be driving over to tampa to meet up with my boyfriends parents and his brother and we were all going to be flying to chicago to go his navy bootcamp graduation. I was a little bummed cause we were only going to have friday together and he was leaving on saturday, but now i wont see him for atleast another month:(

look at those sad pouty faces:(

Almost four years ago, we met at a bible college (we only talked maybe four or five times then) but he broke his nose while he was there. When he was trying to get into the navy, his recruiter told him not to fill out any forms for having it broken since recruits+extra paper work=not likely to get in. Of course he did what his recruiter said cause isn’t that guy supposed to be helping you? Once in boot camp they saw that his nose had been broken and almost sent him home on the spot for not revealing it. But since it wasnt his fault he got to stay, as long as they got the info from the hospital. Well the hospital never sent anything and so they did a scan of his head and saw that there was still damage from his nose being broken and also his eyesight is pretty sucky and is uncorrectable with laser surgery. Long story short- he is getting sent home, but he appealed and yesterday they said he could come back in 6-8 months which he is also going to appeal to try to get back sooner. We had wanted him to just be able to go back and do it right away since he is already there but we shall see what they decide. Though i really wouldn’t mind getting to see him!

Can you tell his nose has been broken?

I havent seen him since the beginning of may when he drove me back home to jersey and then he left early for boot camp at the end of june (he wasnt going to leave till september so he would have been around to fly up from florida and drive me back down to school and hang out with me on the weekends) and he is in the separation unit for atleast 3 weeks possibly longer because of the appeals process. Going from 3 days to 3 weeks or more is really sad:( And whats really funny is that they put him in charge of all the other recruits in the separation division only a few days after getting there lol probably since he was the recruit master at arms the whole time he was in his other division which with his performance division! (yep bragging just a little)

Maybe those muscles are why they put him in charge:)

But GOD is in control!!!! This situation and navy life in general has really just stretched and grown me so much and put my trust in God and God alone! It is so easy to just text or call a boyfriend or friend/family and talk to them when the first thing we should do is talk to our heavenly father since only He can provide His perfect peace. Not having each other always a phone call away has straightened out our priorities and we are both stronger because of it!

Well im off to go to the farmers market for some fresh veggies and then going to look for some fabric for curtains and then moving my room around again:):)

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  1. August 26, 2010 6:27 pm

    My cousin is marrying a marine….I know she has a difficult time saying goodbye and the distance, but I am sure you are so proud that you have such a brave man! I hope his nose is better!

    Have fun at the farmers market!

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