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September 8, 2011

Hi guys! I have been awol over here since i have been working on my company (!!!) blog as well as my personal/studio blog. I never really posted on here about art and what i love doing (i dont know why cause its my blog and i can do what i want..) anyway so this is just a heads up post to let you all know where you can now find me:) i’ll still be posting recipes and fitness info, especially since i am getting my personal training certs this semester!! And of course pictures of my cute puppies:)

I started a stationary company called Seahorse Paper Co. and i do custom wedding invites and i am working on Christmas cards that will be sold online as well as in stores (hopefully!!) So contact me if you know someone getting married that needs custom handpainted invites! My studio blog will document all of the work i am making for my senior portfolio show (December 8th!!) as well as any other art related stuff that i do.

My stationary blog is

and my studio blog is

Check them out:) I will also have my professional portfolio site back up soon and i will link that to both of my blogs which  i will also have link as well so you can always check up on things (non-stalkerish hopefully..) Have a lovely day and yay for September and FALL!!!

I’ve been a very bad blogger…

August 11, 2011

…but I have a good excuse!!!! Take a look at this picture and see if you can blame me for being a little absent

Meet Madeline:) My new baby! Se is only three months old and pees and poops everywhere!!!!  So excuse me while i go clean that up and you can stare at some more ridiculous cuteness!!!


July 23, 2011

So immediately after getting back to Florida from my wonderful trip home to see my family, I had to find a place to live! I could have stayed at the house i currently live at but one of my roommates had waaaaaaaay to many guest over (as in there was atleast 1, normally 2 people there for 25/30 days a month!) So i kinda wanted to get out of the hotel! So at first we found this perfect cottage right off the beach!! it was super adorable and had so much POTENTIAL! I would have loved it….if i was buying it! The house would have required a bunch of work that i would have loved to do and would of had a blast doing it, but since we were just renting and I wouldn’t have gotten anything back financially  from any remodels, it wasn’t really the best choice. Actually the day we were supposed to sign the lease we went and visited a charming apartment thats on the second floor of an old victorian house and we fell in love with it!! The house has so much character, and all of the windows in the house are different! Its super eclectic and awesome! There is a little private yard, room for a garden (and they have bees!!!! which my garden was sorely lacking…and just to clarify, not hives just “visiting” bees lol a necessary component of pollination) their is also a pretty big balcony which is great for watching all the happenings going on downtown and dinner parties:)  Its one bedroom and a loft which is mine!! Im super excited about it lol my grandparents lived in a log cabin when i was a kid and i LOVED the loft!

So my life is currently being swallowed by boxes, and all the clutter is DRIVING ME INSANE!!!! I do not function well when things are a mess so ive been taking lots of naps (cause duh when your eyes are closed you cant see the mess!) and working extra. But very very soon it will be over and ill be in my awesome new place and i am already so inspired about different things i want to paint and make!!! And another reason im thrilled to be moving is that the oven in my house is broken and i have no idea when it will be fixed so no baking for me:(:(:( I made a batch of donuts before i realized it was broken and i had to try to pan fry little donut holes instead. Still good but not as good as if i had baked them:(

I’m off:) I’ll leave you with some lovely photos of my trip:






tea container/vase from the thrift store for $1!! I thought it was vintage but its actually from tj maxx haha

Cute little flower bowl that was $.60! And a vintage Bodum french press for $3! 

H&M wrap dress for $4!! 

Fun summery shorts for $3

A forever 21 sweter wrap thing for $1.50!! Oh thrift stores how i love you:)



My sister made me the most awesome banana cupcakes my last night there !! I wish i had some now (if only my stupid oven wasnt broken)!!!

Me and my sister played skip-bo everyday i was home lol we always get super competitive and play a million board and card games. We made it even more complicated by playing bo-skip lol where you can either but the card above it OR below it lol

My church is a block from Trader Joes and they always donate a ton of bread and produce to the church for the members to take. Dont worry, we left some for the other people;)

Did i ever tell ya that i played the organ? A friend gave it to us when they moved and so i played from 8-15 and my sister was actually a music major for a year before switching to a theater major. My moms parents and my dad’s stepdad and mom are on the left and an old family picture from when i was a kid and my dad’s father and stepmom are on the other side. I refurbished the old picture thats hanging up. It was a 2×3 inch snapshot of my grandmother, her sister, and their grandmother! It was super wrinkled and faded and i fixed it up in my photo class last year:):)

Anyways have a lovely weekend! Dont forget to stay active! I went for a great run this morning and my appetite has been ridiculous so im gonna find something to stuff my face with:):)


Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2011

I have been MIA once again. This time its a good reason (well its always a good reason…) anyway…..I”M HOME!! Yay!!! ***insert fake applause*** I left florida at 9 pm on Tuesday after working 4-8 am, then working out, then babysitting 9:30-4pm (we went to the beach! yay tan!) and then spending time with my favorite boys who were not happy to see me go:(

Yay puppy kisses:)

I miss him:(

I had a lovely lay over in Atlanta for an hour and then got back on the same plane and flew up to philly. I landed at 1 am and my awesome awesome amigo Lauren picked me up!!! And of course our first stop was WAWA:):):) <- If you dont know what that place is, i am so sorry because your life is so much more difficult! It really is the bestest convenience store and they have great coffee (and a really good deli if ya eat that kinda stuff..)

Wednesday i woke up bright and early (after only a few hours of sleep) and went to the dentist! A great way to start off my vacation! I hadnt been in a few years but i had super clean teeth (i brush, rinse, and floss many times a day) and he told me that i have my wisdom teeth but since they are straight and i have enough room, there is no need to take them out! Praise Jesus:):):) I did NOT want to have to deal with that (or pay for it!!) so i am super thankful that they are all right! After that my mom and i went to some farm stands and got fresh veggies! South Jersey has so many farms and in the summer they all have stands but the road and sell all the produce! I forgot how much more lush vegetation there is in the north! Florida really cant compare! I would totally live in Florida September-April and live in Jersey from May-August!! That way i would get the best of both climates:)

After hanging with lauren more that afternoon, we went with my sisters to our community group at church and we met at The Pop Shop for a fun night of food and fellowship. I had a ginormous bowl (seriously an entire pint!) of chocolate soy ice cream with Oreo crumbles and it was delicious!

Thursday i worked 9-5 at my gym up here. My manager is awesome and always asks when I’ll be home and gives me whatever shifts i want:):):) While i waited for my sister to pick me up i ran 15 minutes of interval sprints (1 minute on 11mph, 1 min 4 mph) and then foam rolled and did one set of lat pull downs with 100 lbs. Lol i would have done more but my sister arrived:)

Friday, i finally got to sleep in for the first time since christmas and i took full advantage and didnt get up till 11:30!!!!! I did a Bodyrock workout (LOVE these workouts!! I found this site last february and they have gotten so much more popular and the workouts get better and better!) and then got ready and went to my cousins wedding.

This is my cousin and her dad during their dance and everyone was dying of laughter!! My uncle is hilarious and they danced to Aint no Mountain High (is that the name?) and they did the traditional sway during the verse but during the chorus they went crazy! it was pretty awesome:):)

Saturday i slept in, did a quick 6 minute Bodyrock workout, walked up town for the parade only to arrive too late so we walked around town for awhile and then at night walked downtown to see my town’s fireworks:)

Sunday was church:):):) I love my home church and i wish i could take it with me to florida!! (i love my church in florida too) The people here are so so so friendly and they have great teaching! Thankfully i can download the sermons so its kinda like im there even when im not:) After the service my sister and i went to our favorite thrift store, Village Thrift! We just call it The Village;) Its a huge building stuffed with everything and on Sundays they have 1/2 off deals on different color tags. Ill show ya later what i got since the clothes are still in the wash:)

After dinner we headed over to the Haddonfield fireworks with our friend Kristin. Haddonfield apparently spent $25,000 on fireworks this year and you could definitely tell cause they were amazing! We got there at 7 and staked out a great spot on the lawn right near the front and then walked down to starbucks for some iced coffee (why i am still up at 1:16 am writing this post lol). We then hung out on the blanket playing card games and skip-o until it was dark enough for the fireworks!!! My favorite are the gold drippy ones and the gold sparkly ones lol and i realized as i was looking at my pictures that i got one which has a smiley face in it!!

Thats it for me! Im off to sleep:):) I still have to share my super exciting (more like harrowing!) adventure from last week, stay tuned for that!

Have a safe and happy 4th, and make sure you thank a service member or two for all the do to keep our country free!!!

Its finally friday!!!

June 17, 2011

Just so you know, i spelled finally and friday wrong (and spelled too lol) so i definitely know its time for some relaxing!! The funny thing is that i went to bed at 10 last night! Normally im in bed by 11 and i wake up at 4 am. Five hours of sleep is not enough and i always end up taking a nap during the afternoon. Now let me just say that i LOVE naps! Albert Einstein took naps and they are proven to give you a mental boost! I really got hooked on taking naps after living in Argentina where there was a lovely siesta from 1-4pm and every store was closed! When i dont get enough sleep i get sick and never get better! When i was nannying+working at a gym for over 40 hours a week+plus taking 18 credits a semester i would get maybe 6 hours a night but i didnt get  to take a nap so i was always sick:( Now i have learned my lesson and i value as much sleep as i can get!!

Anyway enough moaning! Its friday:):):) Woohoo!!! Though i work tomorrow, i we open 2.5 hours later so i get more sleep!  The rest of this month is going to be crazy busy!! We are going to my boyfriends parents house this weekend for fathers day, and then next weekend we are helping his brother and sis in law move up to savannah:):) And then in 11 days i am flying home to jersey:):):) so ya see what i mean about it being packed! But i’m excited!! I love taking trips (esp. with the boyfriend!). And tomorrow while he is hanging out with some of his friends having guy time, i get to go over to a camp i use to work at and hangout with some of my good friends who are working there this summer:):):)

Well im off to ice my hand…or maybe heat it. I whacked the median nerve, its right between the index finger and thumb, (i googled to find out the name lol) right on the corner of a metal filing cabinet as i walked by and it still hurts to touch it or to move it, 2 hours later:(:(:( I really just want to curl up in a ball in my nice comfy bed and take a looooong nap! Happy friday everyone! Hopefully you’ll have time to get a nap sometime this weekend:)

Food and Fitness Update…and Chickens?

June 14, 2011

So I’m sure that you are all dying to know how I’m doing with the no-sugar “diet.”  Its riveting info, isn’t it? Anyway, I’m doing really well. My body adjust to change pretty easily so there was no big sugar crash or crazing cravings. I did have a few lemon bar cookies, the kinda processed junk thats accidentally vegan lol and some amazing sorbet on Sunday when we were walking around town. But i felt kinda crappy after that so it was a nice reminder of what that kinda junk does to your body!

I’m still tracking my calories cause i LOVE charts and graphs and very detailed info:) If you dont like tracking calories or it stresses you out, then dont do it:)

Ok, on a totally different topic, I have decided I want to raise chickens:) The boyfriend isn’t a vegan and if he is going to be eating egg, milk, etc, I would like him to be eating ones from a responsible and kind source. And what better way to insure that the animals were treated well and not fed chemicals then to raise them myself:) Contrary to popular misconceptions, New Jersey (especially South Jersey where i’m from) is covered with farms, and woods, and parks! After all, it is called “The Garden State”!!! Also, i want to start canning!! These are both things that i have wanted to do for awhile but probably wont happen until after i graduate. So in january expect me to be in all my hippie glory, with chickens running around, studying up on canning for the summer, and of course I’ll be busy illustrating kids books and painting and drawing for my very popular etsy store, all while training clients at the gym:):):) Lol a girl can dream:)

Inspiring my chicken and canning dreams are:

Food in Jars

Pint-Size Pioneering

Do you guys ever raised chickens or canned anything? I’d love any advice that you have!





Taking Trips

June 12, 2011

Sooo I meant to blog on friday but i was a little busy……….


…..buying my plane ticket home to Jersey:):):):)

I am so so so so so so beyond excited that i get to go home to Jersey for almost 10 days! My cousin is getting married so i definitely wanted to be there for it. I only had 4 cousins on my moms side of the family so we were all pretty close:) I can not wait to eat my Mom’s cooking, go to shows with my sisters, hangout with my bestie, and just relax!!! So start expecting a countdown cause they always get me super excited and ofcourse im going to share my excitement with you!!

Flagler College, St. Augustine

As much as i love home and New Jersey, St. Augustine is a pretty nice place to live and its my favorite place in the “South.” My boyfriends brother and sister-in-law stopped by for the first time on their way home from Savannah (my second favorite place in the south!) They were up there for the weekend since he got a new job and they will be moving up in a few weeks(!!!) so i am super super excited to be able to go up and visit all the time and hang out in that gorgeous place:):):) We took them on a tour of St. Augustine, but i didn’t really get any pictures since it was super super smoky from all the wildfires in the area and it was kinda just trucking from one place to the other without breathing too hard!

Savannah, Georgia

There is another gorgeous place that i have ALWAYS wanted to go! Growing up, i always embraced the French in me and would love learning about the French history and culture! In high school i took 4 years of honors french and was the VP of the french national honor society (yea i was a nerd, so what!) I always planned to spend a semester overseas studying in Paris but instead i lived in Argentina and traipsed around Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America. But i still want the real deal!

So i entered the contest at  please don’t enter and kill my dreams of wandering around cobblestone streets in moonlight (though since there are over 8,000 people signed up im not sure how good my chances are…) I told the boyfriend about the contest and said that if i win, we elope and go as our honeymoon, and he agreed so if I win, you know whats going to happen:):)

Well back to real life and enough dreaming:( My boss is gone, so i’m in charge and i’m working over  40 hours this week!) Im super excited about it as well as the check that ill be getting:):) So until tomorrow, have a fabulous night!

Best Show on TV

June 9, 2011

I need help! I have run out of shows to watch! So kind readers i am asking for your favorite shows so i can get obsessed with a new show:):):)

Here are my top 5 favorite shows:

1.Dexter!!!!!! I LOVE this show!! If you have ever seen an episode you can understand why it has won countless awards (including an Emmy for best Drama!)


2. Biggest Loser:) What can i say, im a sucker for anything to do with the gym! And this past season was one of my favs cause *gasp* the contestants were actually nice to each other lol and not as much of the catty drama. Plus i love Jillian:)


3. Sons of Anarchy. I watched all three seasons in less then 2 weeks! It sucks you in!


4. Glee:):):) I have two sisters and we were raised on Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals:) My sister is an amazing actress, was a theater major in college, and works at a theater now. I was in competition choir in high school and any other choir geeks know Moses Hogan? <- We totally rocked his (freakin incredible) compostions!


5. Breaking Bad. This show is about a chemistry teacher that gets lung cancer and starts to cook meth. Pretty crazy plot and i am always really nervous and stressed (in a good way haha) while i watch the episode cause it really keeps you on the edge of your seat! Yay for it starting back up in July:)


And my 2 favorite shows that are no longer on tv are:

1. Scarecrow and Mrs. King. This is an awesome spy show from the early 80s and my sisters and i watched the reruns growing up:) This is seriously an awesome show! I just watched all the seasons again a little while ago but i think it may be time to watch them all over again:)


2. Alias. This is pretty much tied with Scarecrow as my most favorite show of all time:) I adore Jennifer Gardner!! Between my sister and i we have all of the seasons on DVD:):) Plus Bradley Cooper played her best friend!


So if anyone has any ideas for new shows you’d think I’d love, comment and let me know:) Or just tell me your favorite shows!

Tuesday Randomness

June 7, 2011

What is this?!?!? Two blog posts in two days!! Who am i becoming;);) hehe well unfortunately there are a bunch of wildfires around St. Augustine in St. John’s county and Flagler County so the air quality is (way) less then steller and there is no rain in the forecast for the next week so things aren’t going to improve very much any time soon:( Anyway i had a throat tickle and a nose trickle before the latest batch of fires, and the smoke is doing nothing to help! I saw this article this morning about natural allergy helpers and i’m thanking myself for getting Chinese food  last night since there was brocolli in it!

Yesterday i was talking about counting calories. If you have ever had an eating disorder or if you know that calorie counting isn’t for you, don’t do it! I love lists (i make lists of my lists hehe) and i find it interesting to track my food and make sure that i get a good balance of all the right stuff! Also, i track calories to make sure that i am eating enough.  In the summer especially, it is easy for me to not get enough calories since fruits and veggies are pretty much all i want to eat when its hot out! Well yesterday i did pretty darn good:) Heres my livestrong tracker page:

So i still want my calories to be a little higher and that will bring all the other levels up to where they should be too but I’ll be keeping track for at least a week and over the course of the week normally things will even out.

And just cause hes the cutes thing ever, I’ll leave you with some puppy pictures:):)

He LOVES riding in the back!! Dont, worry there is absolutely no way he can jump or fall out since the chain is connected to his harness and its just long enough for him to do this:

🙂 He is one happy puppy after playing at the beach!

Oh yeah, its totally not weird that he climbs trees

All dogs do that, right;)

And one last picture! He so worn out from playing at the dog park and then going on a bike ride pull around the park!

Oh and pit bull haters, read this! Apparently Helen Keller had a pit bull:)

Welcome to June

June 6, 2011

Yea yea yea im 6 days late with that lol but better late then never, right:)

This month is going to be crazy!! My boss is going away for a few weeks and i will be working full time while he’s gone. Since i’ll be here from 5 am-noon you can expect to see a lot of posts since there isnt much else to do. I really am so blessed to have such a lienient job where i can just hangout on my computer or do artwork! I got a ton of my Design homework done here in the wee hours of the morning! Of course i cant start an oil painting or a sculpture but i can do pretty much anything else:)

Speaking of being blessed, I got a raise!!! Apparently im pretty awesome;);) It was totally unexpected but it was great since it couldn’t have come at a better time:) I was also pretty thrilled that im going to start babysitting the girls i use to watch, for a few days a week! And then at the end of the month, after busting my booty with work, I get to go home!!!!!!!!! (also the reason i want to work a bunch!) My cousin is getting married on July 1st so i want to be home for that but i haven’t seen my family since Christmas and i have definitely missed them!!!!

A few days ago i was on a friends facebook and i saw a picture of a girl i haven’t seen in forever and it turns out she was in a figure competition! She looks AMAZING and it really hit me out out of shape i have gotten (I’m not talking about a weight loss diet, i want a muscle gain plan!). When you look at magazines i never take anything seriously since i know how easy it is to use photoshop! But when its a grainy facebook phone picture and the person still looks incredible ya know its real! Anyway, i know that i am still in decent shape and in a few weeks if i am disciplined i can get back a lot of the muscle tone that i lost. Yay for muscle memory! When i was in my best shape i ate very very little added sugar and so i am doing the no-sugar detox along with Laury and a bunch of others at The Fitness Dish. Its always nice to have a little encouragement and accountablility. Plus when ya know others are suffereing too it makes it not as bad;)

Why am i cutting out sugar completely and not just “eating it in moderation” you ask? Well, cause i already “only have it in moderation” as in a sip or two from my boyfriends sweet tea (i like mine super strong and unsweetend!),  sweetened cereal, or the occasional donut or cookie that i begrudgingly turned on the oven in 90 degree florida heat to make! But sugar is poison in your body and i can see the effects on my face from the little bit i have now and then. Thankfully all of the fresh summer fruit makes a nice natural substitute! Aside from cutting out sugar i am also going to track my calories to make sure am i getting enough calories and a good breakdown of protein, fat, and carbs. It is easy for me to drop down to 1300 calories (way too low!!)  in the summer since i am eating so many very low calorie fruits and veggie and i should be eating more then 2,000 calories!!!!! Low calorie diets are  very bad for your body especially if you are super active and in the gym pretty much every day!

I am also kicking my workouts into high gear<- super excited to start kicking butt again in the gym!!  So I’ll be posting my workouts and eats daily and hopefully it will be an inspiration to you all!!! Remember these are MY workouts and MY eating plan so use caution when using them in your own life!!!

Lastly here is a Good article about what sugar does to your body. Its definitely worth the 2 seconds to type your (junk) email address and click submit! (you have to sign up to view it) Read it and let me know what you think!